Bizios Estate

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Elias Bizios is the son of a viticulturist.  He was born and raised in Asprokampos, Nemea, a mountainous village at an altitude of 900 meters.  His choice to deal with the family vineyard was almost a one-way street, since his love for the earth and he vine did not leave him any other options.

His vocation did not only remain in the land. He envisioned making wine and through that, traveling the taste of Greece to the world.  He built the winery at the edge of his vineyard to reflect the everyday life of the grape in the wine he produces.

His beloved variety is Agiorgitiko, dark crimson like the blood of Heracles, who the legend has it wandered in the same places to kill the notorious lion of Nemea.

The wines of the winery are the genuine expression of the unique terroir of Asprokampos and blend the old with the new keeping the tradition alive in the present day.  The organic vineyard with absolute respect to the environment is ideally reflected within the organic wines it produces.


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