Descendant from a family of olive oil makers, Klaudio Ipsa decided in 1998 to restore the abandoned olive groves and plant new olive trees on the existing terraces around his native village Ipši, north of Istria, near the Slovenian border

Here, at more than 45 degrees of latitude olive trees grow at the northernmost edge.

On the terraces, the olive trees benefit from both air and sunlight. This in turn decreases the possibility of pest attacks. Ipsa is certified Organic

Olive harvest begins in early October when the olives start to turn red. At this moment, the synthesis of olive oil in the olives is over.

Harvested by hand, the olives are picked and pressed in the same day.

Ipsa was one of the first Croatian olive oils to enter the most prestigious World guide of extra virgin olive, FLOS OLEI in 2005. In the same guide, since 2011, their Frantoio was regularly selected among the 20 best in the world. Then in 2017, Ipsa’s Frantoio was awarded 97 points by Marco Coreggia of Flos Olei making it the best monovarietal olive oil in the word.

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