About us

Who we really are

Vins d’Olive was launched in January 2012 to provide the Japanese market with wine and olive oil
from lesser-known regions, namely the Eastern-Mediterranean.

From Lebanon on the East side of the Mediterranean to the Netherlands on the north-western side of Europe,
we today represent some of the best producers in their field.

Almost non-existent at that time the demand for wines and olive oil from these concealed patches of land
has been steadily rising, reaffirming our belief that the market wants something off-the beaten track.

Many of these wine regions are simply reconnecting with their centuries or even millennia-old moments of glory:
the Caucasus, cradle of viticulture; the Eastern-Mediterranean where wine culture and trade flourished and Central Europe
whose wines at the height of the Austro-Hungarian empire, rivaled the best Crus of Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Having slipped into obscurity for much of the 20th century,
these regions are now witnessing a revival that is impossible to ignore.

Who we are(?) is something very clear; we do not like compromises.
We strive to find the best products after extensive research and we always aim to visit the producer first-hand.

We focus on small-to-medium artisanal producers. By artisanal, we do not mean traditional with outdated equipment.
We mean meticulous producers who “craft” their products with an eye for detail and a thirst for quality.

We have a clear preference for organic producers. When it is not possible, we look for like-minded producers who work sustainably.

Not simply because there is an increasing demand for such products but rather from an inherent belief – today sustained by scientific evidence – that less intervention in the vineyard and later in the winery produces the best raw ingredients.
And thus, the best products.

Finally, we go hunting for products that while matching our core beliefs
deliver serious value in order for them to be accessible to everyone.

Welcome to the world of Vins d’Olive.