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Vins d'OliveWas established in January 2012 to introduce the Japanese market to high-quality products from lesser-known regions such as the "Eastern Mediterranean".

From countries in the Eastern Mediterranean area such as Lebanon to Central Europe such as the Netherlands-introducing the highest quality products from countries in the Nordic area.

When it was first established, most of the products in these regions had not yet entered the Japanese market. However, I felt that the demand and admiration for wine and olive oil in these countries was steadily increasing. And it confirmed the fact that the Japanese people were "seeking something new."

These seemingly rare countries were all the meccas of wine hundreds or thousands of years ago, and in fact they have just returned to the present. The Caucasus region is the birthplace of wine culture, and the eastern Mediterranean is a region where wine culture and import / export transactions have flourished. And in Central Europe, fine wines from the Austrian-Hungarian Empire were the only competitors to Bordeaux and Burgundy's premier cru wines. Central European countries that were forgotten during the 20th century, but today the existence of this powerful rival is reaffirmed and can no longer be ignored.

Then,Vins d'Olive, What is our role? It's very clear. We hate compromises, always based on extensive research, visit the region and producers directly, select the best products and deliver them to you.

Targeted at small and medium-sized artisanal producers. “Artisan” does not mean that it uses traditional, old-fashioned usage or techniques. Producers who do very delicate work mean those who make their products with reliable hands that do not compromise on any details or quality.

We want as many organic products as possible. If that is not possible, look for producers who use sustainable methods.

This is not because of the high demand and interest in these products in the market. we,Vins d'OliveIs based on the belief of. -Today that belief comes from the latest scientific grounds-, avoiding as much wasteful intervention as possible in vineyards, olive groves, and breweries and factories produces the best material. In other words, we create the best products.

In this way, in order to deliver serious, genuine and valuable products that match our beliefs to Japanese people, weVins d'OliveIs searching for and seeking products every day.

Welcome to the world of Vins d’Olive


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