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Roditis bush vines facing the Aegean Sea in the organic vineyards of Tetramythos in the mountainous region of Ano Diakopto.

Roditis bush vines facing the Aegean Sea in the organic vineyards of Tetramythos.

Tetramythos winery, located in Ano Diakopto in the north-western Peloponnese, was founded in 1999. It is a great team-effort between the Spanos brothers and oenologist Panagiotis Papayiannopoulos. All natives of the region. 

In a word, Tetramythos is all about commitment. When a devastating fire in the summer of 2007 destroyed the winery, a year later - in 2008 - it was completely rebuilt. Making wines is simply pure devotion. 

The new winery is in absolute harmony with the surrounding environment. The inside of the building is designed with attention to the smallest detail. Always with one thing in mind: how to achieve minimal intervention. The idea is to produce wines with a sense of place. 

Panayiotis likes to experiment with “natural” styles of wine and traditional methods of fermentation such as the Greek amphoras. Innovation and tradition are perfectly intertwined. Here, organic farming is self-evident (Tetramythos vineyards are certified organic since 1997). 

The Ano Diakopto terroir 

Aegialia belongs to the top Greek terroirs with many historic references from the antiquity. In classical times Pausanias referred to the villages of Aegialia as ideal for the cultivation of grapes. It is actually considered as one of the “purest” regions in Greece, renowned for the quality of its water and low light pollution. It also has the highest percentage of organic farming in Greece. 

The 14 ha north-facing vineyards of Tetramythos are among the highest in Greece, ranging in altitudes between 650 and 1050 metres. White grape varieties are planted in limestone and red grape varieties are planted in clay soils with deep calcareous flat rock surface. Most vineyards are shaped in traditional bushvine. 

This is a naturally sustainable environment with only goat manure used as nutrient. The influence of the breeze of the Corinthian Gulf, the high altitudes, the northern exposure, and the protection of the mountains from the hot summer south winds, create one of the coolest mesoclimates in Greece. The result is clean, mineral, ripe yet vivacious, elegant wines.

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