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Marvla Tindo

The forested Sitno Volcano towering the vineyards of Marvla Tindo in Levice next to the medieval town of Banská Štiavnica.

The Sitno Volcano towering the vineyards of Marvla Tindo in Levice, close to the UNESCO World Heritage town of Banská Štiavnica.

Marvla TINDO Winery is the union of two wine passionate friends, Vlado Kuny and Martin Danielic. The unconventional name of the winery originated from a combination of their first names, mar – TIN and vla – DO. Today, Martin and Vlado call their project a small family-type winery whose main goal is to explore the potential of vineyards planted on the Sitno volcanic subsoil. Only 8.000 to 10.000 bottles produced per year.

They are one of three minimal-intervention aka “natural” wine producers around the village of Levice, branding themselves as “Wines From Under The Volcano.” These vineyards are planted on the dormant volcano known as Sitno, which towers over the area.

Local volcanic soils consisting of soft volcanic ash (tuff) and hard volcanic lava (andesite) create unique conditions for grape growing with optimal drainage and water retention due to porous stones, which support vines in hot summer droughts.

To reach these stones, the vines have to form a massive root system in this mineral rich volcanic soil. Hence, the unmistakable mineral character of the wines.

Levice lies really on the northernmost border of the central European vine growing region. The slopes of mountains are the natural borders of the Pannonian Basin spreading from Slovenia through Hungary all the way to Slovakia.

This is simply a magical place where two climatic worlds intertwine. This is where warm, south Europe end (Pannonicum) and the cold, north part of Europe starts its leadership (Carpaticum occidentale).

Nearby, in the collapsed caldera of the originally 4000 m high Sitno Volcano lies the historic Town of Banská Štiavnica, listed on UNESCO worldwide cultural and natural heritage since December 1993.

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