Vd'O Wine Club FAQs

About Vd'O Wine Club

In short because it’s worth it. It is a convenient way to have stimulating wines and olive oil delivered to your door at a time of your choosing at a lower price than what you would usually pay. And in addition to convenience, stimulation, and value, you’ll get extra member benefits, namely an ongoing discount on all additional orders and free tickets to our tasting events.
They are completely different. The VD’O Club is a membership which comes with “VIP” benefits from discounts to free tastings (for more info, please check the features of each plan). On the other hand, the VD’O Loyalty program allows you to benefit from rewards based on the number of points you have accumulated through online purchases. You can of course combine both!
Our 4 plans offer different options in terms of quantity and frequency. The main differences are the number of bottles you’ll get every two or 3 months, the ongoing discount percentage on any additional orders and the number of free tickets to tasting events. The 4th plan additionally offers Free shipping.
If you need more or less wines at different time intervals other than the options offered in our plans, just email or phone us and we will be happy to customize a plan for you.
All and none. All the plans deliver serious value for what you pay. They all have the same average price per bottle (at least ¥3,000). If you are in search of more expensive wines, we will be happy to customize a plan for you.

About Subscriptions and Modifications

Simply select one of the 4 membership plans. Once you’ve completed your check-out process, you’ll receive an email notification confirming that your subscription is live.

You’ll then be able to Manage Your Subscription on the Paywhirl portal.

Log in to your Paywhirl account, go to "My profile" and apply all the necessary changes.
Once you complete your registration, you'll receive an automatic email containing a login link.

Or you can access your account via the Paywhirl Portal from our our Subscription Management page.

It would be our pleasure! Please send us your address by email and we’ll do the rest. Please note that this service is not available for all countries. Check with us first before subscribing to any of the plans on our website.
Please do! It is exactly the same subscription process. You just need to enter their address (as different from the billing address).

About delivery

It will be shipped as soon as your subscription and payment have been cleared in our systems. Normally, you should receive your wines within 3 business days. Please keep an eye on your inbox to check your shipping details and tracking number.
Sure you can. During the subscription process, you’ll be asked if you have any delivery date preferences. If you later change your mind, just email us your new preferred delivery date.
Only the 4th plan offers FREE shipping to all destinations in Japan. In the 3 other subscription plans, Shipping charges are separate. You will see them during the checkout process. Different fees apply depending on where you live.

Click here for more information on shipping charges.

We want to ensure that our wines are delivered to our club members in the best shape possible. From June 1st to September 30th when temperatures are above 28℃, you will receive your refrigerated wine box with no additional charges. If you’d like to receive your wines in temperature-controlled conditions at all time, please contact us for a quotation. Normally, extra charges of 440 yens/shipment apply.


Once your subscription is confirmed, we will send you the discount coupon code associated with your plan within the next 48 hours (holidays excluded). You can then use these codes indefinitely (as long as you are subscribed) on our website to benefit from discounts on any future orders. If you’re in a rush and can’t wait until you receive your coupon code, no problem! Make your purchases online and we’ll reimburse you later an amount equivalent to the discount you are entitled to.
Sure you can. During the subscription process, you can check your colour preferences as well as write down additional comments. If you later change your mind, just email us your new wine type preferences.
Sure! Just choose “Olive Oil” as one of your preferences when subscribing or email us later.
You certainly can as long as we are not out of stock. Simply drop us an email and we’ll sort the order and shipment for you.
The wine tasting events take place, throughout the year, in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and other regions in Japan. These events include a wide variety of wines from different regions/producers. Some of these events are attended by our wine producers where you can ask them all sorts of questions that come to mind and perhaps plan a trip to their region/vineyards! Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation we have substantially reduced our tasting events.


You can cancel anytime. There is no tie-in. Simply log-in to your Portal and schedule your cancellation.
If you’re away or if your situation does not allow you to receive wines during a certain period of time, you can suspend your subscription instead of cancelling. To do so, simply log in to your portal and go to “subscriptions” where you can “Skip” the next installment. Once you confirm, you will see a portal notification letting you know the change was processed, and the date for your next invoice was adjusted.
Once you cancel or suspend your subscription, your membership benefits will then run until the end of your current active plan and then be automatically cancelled. Example: say, you are subscribed to the “Every Now and Then Plan” (4 bottles every 2 months) and your payment was processed on March 4th. You received your wines on March 6th and then you cancelled on March 7th. You’ll no more be charged after that date. Your membership benefits end on May 5th.

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