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Bodegas Parra Jiménez

The vineyards of Bodegas Parra Jimenez in La Mancha’s Finca El Olmillo at 900 m of altitude

This is the story of three brothers (Francisco, Javier, and Luis) who decided against all odds to depart from the region’s past image of bulk wine production.

As early as 1993, the Parra Jiménez brothers pioneered organic wine production in sun-blasted Castilla La Mancha at a time when Spain lagged behind the rest of Western Europe in embracing ecological agriculture. In retrospect, the choice of organic farming was obvious in a region known for its dry weather inhospitable to diseases and moulds.

In 2008, the brothers decided to take their commitment to ecological farming a step further by converting to the principles of biodynamic agriculture (certified by Demeter).

In the meantime, the Parra brothers have diversified their crops – all of them following the rules of organic farming – from garlic, cereals, peas and other forages to cheese making from the autochthonous breed of black sheep of La Mancha in danger of extinction.

The idea is to create a closed sustainable ecosystem. The weed feed the livestock that in turn fertilize the crops. In addition to that, Parra Jimenez is engaged in food recycling by feeding the skins and stems that emerge from wine production to animals.

Bodegas Parra Jimenez has grown to become the largest certified Organic vineyard in Europe while keeping its principles intact. Today, a new generation represented by Pablo Parra is steering the winery towards minimal winemaking intervention by initiating a new natural line of wines produced in small quantities.

This new commitment requires a special attention at every step of the winemaking process starting with the selection of grapes sourced at around 900 m of altitude from some of the highest vineyards in La Mancha. It is these wines that we bring to you.

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