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Zejd bio "Bio to You Private selection" 500 ml

  • Country of Origin: Lebanon
  • Region: Baino, Akkar
  • Altitude of the Orchard: 600m
  • Soil Type: Limestone, chalk
  • Average age of the Trees: 50 +years
  • Olive variety: 100% Souri
  • Harvest: October 2021
  • EU Organic Certifcation
  • Best before December 2023


Fruity on the nose. Spicy, pungent, with a slight bitterness. On the palate, notes of almonds and green tomatoes

Zejd in a drop

・ Mono-varietal selection to allow you an in-depth exploration of the Baino terroir. The olives belong to one of the world’s oldest cultivars, the Souri.

・ Selected from non irrigated trees.

・  Time of picking : the olives were harvested at the onset of veraison - as the olives start changing colours from green to reddish - to ensure an optimal level of polyphenol content as well as rich organoleptic characteristics.

・ Less than 10 hours delay between harvesting and extraction. (Worldwide average for EVOO is usually 24-48 hours).

・  Extraction at low temperature with minimum malaxation time.

・ Natural sedimentaion: racked and then lightly filtered. Light filtration keeps the aromas, nutrients and antioxidants while ridding the oil from any constituents that could lead to spoilage.